Sanelli Professional Knives

Sanelli Professional Knives
We are proud to present the full 'Premana' range of professional Sanelli Knives from Italy. Superb quality, and beautiful Italian design combined with award winning Sanelli ergonomic handles. Used throughout the Butchery and Hospitality industry in Italy they have long been recognized as one of the best in the world and are a knife that you can use with confidence whether at home or in the workplace. We have the full Premana Range of chefs and butchery knives now in stock, available via the website, by phone or in our showroom.
Sanelli Vegetable Knife 6CMSanelli Vegetable Knife 6CM£8.10 including VATSanelli Paring Knife 10cmSanelli Paring Knife 10cm£8.10 including VATKitchen Cleaver 16CMKitchen Cleaver 16CM£42.90 including VAT
Sanelli Chef's Knife 21CMSanelli Chef's Knife 21CM£23.40 including VATSanalli Chef's Knife 25cm Sanalli Chef's Knife 25cm £27.00 including VATSanelli Salami Slicing Knife 30cm Sanelli Salami Slicing Knife 30cm £28.20 including VAT
Sanelli Roast Knife 24CMSanelli Roast Knife 24CM£17.40 including VATSanelli Narrow Boning Knife 16CMSanelli Narrow Boning Knife 16CM£14.70 including VATSanelli Curved Boning Knife CM.16Sanelli Curved Boning Knife  CM.16£15.30 including VAT
Sanelli Boning Knife 16CMSanelli Boning Knife 16CM£15.30 including VATSanelli Butchers Sticking Knife 18cmSanelli Butchers Sticking Knife 18cm£18.00 including VATSanelli Butcher's Knife 27CMSanelli Butcher's Knife 27CM£27.00 including VAT